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ADDA is a leader in the electronic thermal management field. For more than eight years ADDA has developed a broad range of products designed to extend the life of electronic components primarily used for the information technology industry. Now, ADDA develops and manufactures on two continents and intends to expand manufacturing further.

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Blower 25x25x7mm 5V HyproAB0205MX-Q70Blower 25x25x7mm 5V Hypro£0.00Enquire
Blower 30x30x10mm 5V Ball + tacho wireAB0305HB-GA6Blower 30x30x10mm 5V Ball + tacho wire£0.00285
Blower 30x30x10mm 12V Ball + tacho wireAB0312HB-GA6Blower 30x30x10mm 12V Ball + tacho wire£0.00558
Blower 75mm 24V BallAB07524HB300100Blower 75mm 24V Ball£0.00Enquire
Blower 120x120x32mm 12V BallAB1212UB-Y01Blower 120x120x32mm 12V Ball£0.00496
Blower 120x120x32mm 24V BallAB1224LB-Y01Blower 120x120x32mm 24V Ball£0.00Enquire
Blower 35x35x6mm 12V Ball + Tacho WireAB3512HB-QB6Blower 35x35x6mm 12V Ball + Tacho Wire£0.0086
Blower 50x50x20mm 12V BallAB5012HB-C01Blower 50x50x20mm 12V Ball£0.00Enquire
Blower 50x50x20mm 12V Ball + TachoAB5012HB-C03Blower 50x50x20mm 12V Ball + Tacho£0.00Enquire
Blower 50x50x20mm 12V HyproAB5012HX-C01Blower 50x50x20mm 12V Hypro£0.00Enquire
Blower 50x50x20mm 12V Hypro + tacho wireAB5012HX-C03Blower 50x50x20mm 12V Hypro + tacho wire£0.00Enquire
Blower 68x60x10 12V DC - Hypro BearingAB6812MX-GC0Blower 68x60x10 12V DC - Hypro Bearing£0.00Enquire
Fan 25x25x10mm 5V Hypro 35MM LEADAD0205HX-G51-35MMFan 25x25x10mm 5V Hypro 35MM LEAD£0.00Enquire
Fan 25x25x10mm 5V Hypro Low Speed + ConnAD0205LX-G50GLC-V1Fan 25x25x10mm 5V Hypro Low Speed + Conn£0.0051
Fan 25x25x6mm 5V HyproAD0205LX-K50Fan 25x25x6mm 5V Hypro£0.00Enquire
Fan 25x25x6mm 5V HyproAD0205MX-K50Fan 25x25x6mm 5V Hypro£0.0066
Fan 25x25x10mm 12V HyproAD0212HX-G50Fan 25x25x10mm 12V Hypro£0.00Enquire
Fan 25x25x10mm 12V HyproAD0212LX-G50Fan 25x25x10mm 12V Hypro£0.00140
Fan 25x25x6mm 12V HyproAD0212LX-K50Fan 25x25x6mm 12V Hypro£0.00Enquire
Fan 25x25x10mm 12V BallAD0212MB-G50GLFan 25x25x10mm 12V Ball£0.00244
Fan 30x30x6mm 5V HyproAD0305LX-K70Fan 30x30x6mm 5V Hypro£0.00228
Fan 30x30x10mm 12V Ball with Tacho wireAD0312DX-G53Fan 30x30x10mm 12V Ball with Tacho wire£0.0070
Fan 30x30x10mm 12V BallAD0312LB-G50Fan 30x30x10mm 12V Ball£0.00266
Fan 30x30x10mm 12V BallAD0312LB-G56(T)Fan 30x30x10mm 12V Ball£0.00Enquire

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