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Some of the worlds leading fan manufacturers use Aerco to distribute AC and DC fans in the UK.

In addition to the standard axial and centrifugal design fans, many other airflow designs are used to meet customer applications. Various fans and fan accessories, that include backward curve motorised impellers, frameless fans, tangential cross flow blowers, flat blowers, chip coolers, CPU coolers, and combined heat pipes and fan assemblies are available in the UK from Aerco.

Bearings have improved to meet the demands of less noise and higher performance. In addition to conventional ball and sleeve bearing fans, most manufacturers now offer different types of bearings such as the Hypro bearings from ADDA. A combination of ball and sleeve bearings in the same fan assembly is also used. These systems provide long life without having to use expensive ball bearings that are often the costliest component in a fan.

DC fans are now supplied with various degrees of ‘intelligence’ including fan failure and speed alarms, thermister based temperature control and pulse width modulated (PWM) control.

Frame and impeller designs have improved significantly over recent years and several types of impeller are now in common use such as sickle blade, paddle blade and static outlet blade fans.

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Fan Frame Only103TXFan Frame Only£0.00In stock
Fan 80x80x50mm 400Hz103TX0560009Fan 80x80x50mm 400Hz£0.00In stock
Fan 80x80x50mm 115V 400Hz103TX0560011Fan 80x80x50mm 115V 400Hz£0.00In stock
Fan 80x80x50mm 200VAC 400Hz103TX0560C13Fan 80x80x50mm 200VAC 400Hz£0.00In stock
Fan 80x80x30mm 115VAC103TX0562C13Fan 80x80x30mm 115VAC£0.00In stock
Fan 80x80x50mm 400Hz103TX0760021Fan 80x80x50mm 400Hz£0.00In stock
Fan vane axial 80x80x50mm103TX0760022Fan vane axial 80x80x50mm£0.00In stock
3990/76298103TX0760022R3990/76298£0.00In stock
Fan 80x80x50mm 400Hz103TX0860017Fan 80x80x50mm 400Hz£0.00In stock
3990/60810103TX0860017R3990/60810£0.00In stock
Fan 80x80x50mm 115VAC - 400Hz103TY0562C13Fan 80x80x50mm 115VAC - 400Hz£0.00In stock
Fan 80x80x50mm 400Hz103TY0760018Fan 80x80x50mm 400Hz£0.00In stock
Fan 88x88x25mm 200VAC  400Hz110VU0160001Fan 88x88x25mm 200VAC 400Hz£0.00In stock
Fan 88x88x25mm 115v 400Hz110VU0162001Fan 88x88x25mm 115v 400Hz£0.00In stock
Fan 88x88x25mm 115v110VU0162003Fan 88x88x25mm 115v£0.00In stock
Fan 88x88x25mm 115v 400Hz110VU0162004Fan 88x88x25mm 115v 400Hz£0.00In stock
Fan 92x92x38mm 230VAC Ball113XN0181000Fan 92x92x38mm 230VAC Ball£0.00In stock
Fan 92x92x38mm 230VAC Ball113XN0181001Fan 92x92x38mm 230VAC Ball£0.00In stock
Fan 92x92x38MM 230VAC Ball113XN0181014Fan 92x92x38MM 230VAC Ball£0.00In stock
Fan 92x92x38mm 115VAC Ball113XN0182000Fan 92x92x38mm 115VAC Ball£66.80In stock
Fan 92x92x38mm 115V AC Ball pin terminal113XN0182001Fan 92x92x38mm 115V AC Ball pin terminal£71.97In stock
Fan 92x92x38mm 115VAC Ball113XN0182040Fan 92x92x38mm 115VAC Ball£0.00In stock
Fan 92x92x38mm 240V AC Ball113XN018L006Fan 92x92x38mm 240V AC Ball£0.00In stock
Fan 92x92x38mm113XP0160001Fan 92x92x38mm£0.00In stock

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