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Data Acquisition

An extensive range of solid state and electromechanical Elapsed time indicators and Event Counters are available from Aerco.

Representing L3 Electrodynamics and Oxley Developments, the two leading manufacturers, we are able to recommend and supply products that perform in the most hostile and demanding environments across various applications on Air, Land and Sea, including Fixed Wing and rotary aircraft, Fighting Vehicles and Defence Systems

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Event Counter 26VDC 5 Dig RuggedizedL16G9AEvent Counter 26VDC 5 Dig Ruggedized£0.00Enquire
Event Counter 26VDC 5 Digit Rect.L16G9CA-548Event Counter 26VDC 5 Digit Rect.£0.0011
Event Counter 26VDC 5 Digit Rect.L16G9W7A-136-528Event Counter 26VDC 5 Digit Rect.£0.00Enquire
Bite Indicator 12V White/Black wire leadM151LP-12-W-BLK-WLBite Indicator 12V White/Black wire lead£0.00Enquire
Bite IndicatorM174-5-P8-S932Bite Indicator£0.006
Elapsed Time Ind 10/34VDC 4 Digit Sqr.M7793-1-007Elapsed Time Ind 10/34VDC 4 Digit Sqr.£0.00Enquire
Elapsed Time Ind 10/34VDC 4 DigitM7793-1-008Elapsed Time Ind 10/34VDC 4 Digit£0.00Enquire
Elapsed Time Indicator PCB MountM7793-13-001Elapsed Time Indicator PCB Mount£0.00Enquire
Elapsed Time Indicator DDS200M7793-14-1Elapsed Time Indicator DDS200£0.00Enquire
Fault Ind. M161SA-28-M21 L21603-01-21M83287-01-21Fault Ind. M161SA-28-M21 L21603-01-21£0.00Enquire
Indicator Magnetic Latching 28V 675ohmM83287-02-04Indicator Magnetic Latching 28V 675ohm£0.00Enquire
do not use see M83287-02-04M83287-2-04do not use see M83287-02-04£0.00Enquire
Indicator Magnetic 28V 360-500 OHMM83287-2-16Indicator Magnetic 28V 360-500 OHM£0.00Enquire
Indicator ball type 24vM83287-3-14Indicator ball type 24v£0.00Enquire
Min.BITE Indicator Ball type 28voltMI61SA-28-S810AMin.BITE Indicator Ball type 28volt£0.00Enquire
BITE Indicator MiniatureMI74-28-P17-S459BITE Indicator Miniature£0.00Enquire
Miniature Bite Lite LED Green 2.1voltML1610-G-ND-LTMiniature Bite Lite LED Green 2.1volt£0.00Enquire
Miniature Bite Lite Led Red 1.9voltML1610-R-ND-LTMiniature Bite Lite Led Red 1.9volt£0.00Enquire
LED Ind. Three Lead Bi-Colour Panel Mnt.ML1623-E-Y-G-D-LTLED Ind. Three Lead Bi-Colour Panel Mnt.£0.00Enquire
Miniature Bite Lite Yellow Non-DiffusedML1630-E-Y-ND-LTMiniature Bite Lite Yellow Non-Diffused£0.00Enquire
LED Indicator green diffused Lens 24vML1630E-G-D-LT-24LED Indicator green diffused Lens 24v£0.00Enquire
LED Indicator red diffused LensML1630E-R-D-LTLED Indicator red diffused Lens£0.00Enquire
Lighting Ind Rear Mount Red 2.1voltML1636-R-D-LTLighting Ind Rear Mount Red 2.1volt£0.00Enquire

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