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Connectors - Rectangular
Aerco supplies ranges of connectors with rectangular outline, manufactured by leading manufacturers, including, Smiths Interconnect, Souriau, TE and Binder. Product ranges include PCB, High density, D Type and Modular. Suitable for a wide ranges of applications covering Military and Aerospace, Rai, Marine and Industrial

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Do not use. See: HPH152UMP00000HPH152UMPDo not use. See: HPH152UMP00000£0.00Enquire
PCB connector male 152 way straightHPH152UMPYM251PCB connector male 152 way straight£0.00Enquire
152 way PCB ConnectorHPH152UMSNA000152 way PCB Connector£0.00Enquire
152 way connector PCB, male ctsHPH152UMSYD000152 way connector PCB, male cts£0.00Enquire
152 way PCB ConnectorHPH152UMXDA000152 way PCB Connector£0.005
Connector PCB 202 way back pottedHPH202BFP3C0P0Connector PCB 202 way back potted£0.00Enquire
Connector PCB 202 way femaleHPH202BFPHD000Connector PCB 202 way female£0.00Enquire
HPH PCB Conn, 202 Way, Pin, StraightHPH202BMKYF000HPH PCB Conn, 202 Way, Pin, Straight£0.00Enquire
PCB Conn, 202 Way, Socket, StraightHPH202SFDWJ000PCB Conn, 202 Way, Socket, Straight£0.00Enquire
Connector PCB 202 way femaleHPH202SFPHD000Connector PCB 202 way female£0.00Enquire
Connector 90 deg PCB male 202 wayHPH202SMBEF0P0Connector 90 deg PCB male 202 way£0.00Enquire
Connector 90 deg PCB male 202 wayHPH202SMBPF0P0Connector 90 deg PCB male 202 way£0.003
Do not use. See: HPH202UFP00000HPH202UFPDo not use. See: HPH202UFP00000£0.00Enquire
Connector PCB 202 wayHPH202UFPAA000Connector PCB 202 way£0.00Enquire
Connector PCB 202 way female straightHPH202UFPSC000Connector PCB 202 way female straight£0.00Enquire
202 way PCB ConnectorHPH202UFXAG000202 way PCB Connector£0.00Enquire
202 way PCB ConnectorHPH202UFXHA000202 way PCB Connector£0.00Enquire
Do not use. See: HPH202UML00000HPH202UMLDo not use. See: HPH202UML00000£0.00Enquire
PCB connector,male,202 way,90 degHPH202UMLPF0P0PCB connector,male,202 way,90 deg£0.00Enquire
PCB connector male 202 way 90 degHPH202UMLPK000PCB connector male 202 way 90 deg£0.00Enquire
PCB connector,male,202 way,90 degHPH202UMLPP0P0PCB connector,male,202 way,90 deg£0.00Enquire
PCB connector male 202 way straightHPH202UMP00000PCB connector male 202 way straight£0.00Enquire
PCB connector,male,202 way,straightHPH202UMPNA0P0PCB connector,male,202 way,straight£0.00Enquire

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