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PCB Connectors
Aerco supplies a wide range of connectors for Printed Circuit Board (PCB) application including board-edge connectors, cable-to-pcb connectors and board stacking connectors As a value add assembling distributor, we can supply many of these in a fast turnaround with no minimum order quantity

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D-Sub Contacts, Male, 10A Crimp131C11019XD-Sub Contacts, Male, 10A Crimp£0.00Enquire
D-Sub Contacts, Female, 10A Crimp132C11019XD-Sub Contacts, Female, 10A Crimp£0.00Enquire
BNC Plug, Straight, 75 Ohm190712BNC Plug, Straight, 75 Ohm£0.00Enquire
Modular Connector 50 Way FemaleAHD1683Modular Connector 50 Way Female£0.002
Modular Connector 50 Way MaleAHD1689Modular Connector 50 Way Male£0.00Enquire
End Plate,Male,Floating Bush, Guide PinAHD1692End Plate,Male,Floating Bush, Guide Pin£0.00Enquire
End Plate,Female,Fixed Bush, Slot HoleAHD1693End Plate,Female,Fixed Bush, Slot Hole£0.00Enquire
End Plate,Female,Fixed Bush, Round HoleAHD1694End Plate,Female,Fixed Bush, Round Hole£0.00Enquire
Connector, 53 way modified hypertac conAHD1712Connector, 53 way modified hypertac con£0.00Enquire
Custom HDD Connector Part HDD032AMB00128AHD1732Custom HDD Connector Part HDD032AMB00128£0.0042
Custom HDD Connector Part HDD032AMB00129AHD1733Custom HDD Connector Part HDD032AMB00129£0.0042
Custom HDD Connector Part HDD032AMB00130AHD1734Custom HDD Connector Part HDD032AMB00130£0.0042
Custom HDD Connector Part HDD032AMB00000AHD1735Custom HDD Connector Part HDD032AMB00000£0.0042
Custom Hypertac HDD Connector AssemblyAHD1738Custom Hypertac HDD Connector Assembly£0.00Enquire
Custom Hypertac HDD Connector AssemblyAHD1739Custom Hypertac HDD Connector Assembly£0.00Enquire
Custom Hypertac HDD Connector AssemblyAHD1740Custom Hypertac HDD Connector Assembly£0.00Enquire
Custom Hypertac HMV Connector AssemblyAHD1741Custom Hypertac HMV Connector Assembly£0.00Enquire
Sealing gasket 33 Way          (Grp C)AHD1742Sealing gasket 33 Way (Grp C)£0.00Enquire
Sealing gasket 17 Way          (Grp C)AHD1746Sealing gasket 17 Way (Grp C)£0.00Enquire
Connector male 264 way surface mountC120-17940Connector male 264 way surface mount£0.005
Connector male  surface mountC120-18718Connector male surface mount£0.00Enquire
Connector adaptor female size 14C120AA1424AAConnector adaptor female size 14£0.00Enquire
Adapted Test ConnectorH7FP5HV0003099Adapted Test Connector£0.00Enquire
Adapted Test ConnectorH7FP5HV0003199Adapted Test Connector£0.00Enquire

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