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FCT Standard D Connectors
FCT Connectors supply a complete range of D subminature connectors that feature the following: Standard density connectors: With crimp, solder, PCB, wire-wrap and IDC contacts. These are available in a comprehensive range of mounting styles. Crimp contacts are machined or stamped. High density connectors: Available with up to 78 contacts Combo-D connectors: Mixed layout connectors combining signal, high power, coaxial, high voltage and now pneumatic contacts. Dual-port connectors: For space saving requirements Filter connectors: These utilize ceramic capacitors to protect against surges, conducted interference, and induced or electrostatic interference. Waterproof connectors: Available with either plastic or metal watertight frames in all shell sizes. Hoods: A range of hoods to support every application, including plastic, metal, shielded and waterproof versions and hoods to support CANbus connector systems.

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Screw lock assy.Female4-40UNC,Pkd in 2sF-GSCH1/5Screw lock assy.Female4-40UNC,Pkd in 2s£0.00200
Screw lock assy.Female(M3 od/4.40UNC id)F-GSCH1/5-K126Screw lock assy.Female(M3 od/4.40UNC id)£0.0050
Screw lock assy.Female 4-40/M3(2 per pk)F-GSCH1/5-K126SNScrew lock assy.Female 4-40/M3(2 per pk)£0.0020
Screw lock assy.Female M3 (2 per pack)F-GSCH1/5-K128Screw lock assy.Female M3 (2 per pack)£0.002748
Screw lock assy.Female.4-40(2 per pack)F-GSCH1/5-K129Screw lock assy.Female.4-40(2 per pack)£0.0038
Screw lock assy.Female 4-40UNCx13mm longF-GSCH1/5-K130Screw lock assy.Female 4-40UNCx13mm long£0.00Enquire
Screw lock assy.Female 4-40 (2 per pack)F-GSCH1/5-K173Screw lock assy.Female 4-40 (2 per pack)£0.00180
Screw lock assy.Female.4-40 (Pkd in 2's)F-GSCH1/5-K186Screw lock assy.Female.4-40 (Pkd in 2's)£0.0035
Screw lock assy.Female.4-40 (bulk pack)F-GSCH1/5-K186(S)Screw lock assy.Female.4-40 (bulk pack)£0.00Enquire
Screw lock assy.Female 4-40UNC.Pkd in 2sF-GSCH1/5-K345SNScrew lock assy.Female 4-40UNC.Pkd in 2s£0.00202
Screw lock assy.Female 4-40UNC   (D)F-GSCH1/5-K835Screw lock assy.Female 4-40UNC (D)£0.0081
Screw lock assy.Female 4-40UNC + nut (D)F-GSCH1/5-K835NScrew lock assy.Female 4-40UNC + nut (D)£0.00Enquire
D-sub, Slide lock assembly Size 1F-GV-1D-sub, Slide lock assembly Size 1£0.0085
Slide lock for hood mounting Size 1 (9w)F-GV-1HSlide lock for hood mounting Size 1 (9w)£0.0025
Slide lock assembly Size 3  D seriesF-GV-3Slide lock assembly Size 3 D series£0.00665
Slide lock for hood mounting Size 3(25w)F-GV-3HSlide lock for hood mounting Size 3(25w)£0.00Enquire
Slide lock for hood mounting Size 5(50w)F-GV-5HSlide lock for hood mounting Size 5(50w)£0.00Enquire
DONT USE: Go to F-PHR-1E(Packed singles)F-PHR-1DONT USE: Go to F-PHR-1E(Packed singles)£0.00Enquire
Hood plastic Right angle outlet Size 1F-PHR-1EHood plastic Right angle outlet Size 1£0.0019
Screw locks 4-40 UNC (2 per pack)F-SCHV-1Screw locks 4-40 UNC (2 per pack)£0.0036
Slide lock post assy.M3x8mm threadF-SGV1/5-K140Slide lock post assy.M3x8mm thread£0.00Enquire
Slide lock post assy. M3x10.8mm threadF-SGV1/5-K365Slide lock post assy. M3x10.8mm thread£0.0040
Slide lock post assy. M3x12.7mm threadF-SGV1/5-K371SNSlide lock post assy. M3x12.7mm thread£0.00Enquire
Strain relief clip IDC  D seriesF0148-1Strain relief clip IDC D series£0.00Enquire

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