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QC-SMA (Quick Connect) Connectors
The QC-SMA™ (Quick Connect) series does not require special tooling for mating/unmating as it incorporates a push/pull style of mating, unlike the standard SMA, which needs to be torqued to be properly installed. QC-SMA™ Plugs are fully intermateable with any standard SMA Jacks or Winchester’s SMA Bulkhead Jacks. The QC-SMA™ connectors are RoHS compliant. Electrical performance is comparable to a standard SMA up to 6 GHz, and mating life is 500 cycles minimum with minimal change in electrical performance. Typical applications would be PCB Test Boards, Microwave Subsystems, Base Stations, Test Equipment, Mobile Radios and anywhere a quick connection is required. Product Benefits: • Push/Pull connection system allows for quicker mating. • When mated, the connectors can rotate 360 degrees. • Electrical performance up to 6 GHz when compared to a standard SMA. • Compact design that utilizes SMA standard spacing down to .500 centres. • Designs are available for both flexible and semi-rigid type cables.

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