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Mini UHF Series
The MINI-UHF series is a miniature version of the UHF series with a number of improvements. It still uses the threaded coupling principal and the updated design gives it a fixed matching impedance of 50 ohms and can be used for frequencies up to 2.5GHz. It has a number of useful applications but has mainly been used in vehicle mobile communications. It uses cables in the range of 2.5mm to 5.5mm diameter. Features -Impedance 50 ohms -Contacts: Straight plugs free. Jacks & sockets captive -Plating: Gold or silver centre contacts. Nickel body Cable termination types -Straight plugs & jacks: Crimp contact / crimp outer -Angle plugs: Solder contact / crimp outer Fixed units -Bulkhead jack. Crimp /crimp -Bulkhead socket, front mount. -Press-fit socket, front mount Adaptors: Male & female free

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