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Inter Series Adaptors
elegartner’s range of inter series adaptors include: BNC to TNC BNC to N BNC to UHF BNC to Mini UHF Angle Adaptor BNC to Mini UHF BNC to 4/13 BNC to FME Angle Adaptor BNC to FME BNC to SMA BNC to SMB BNC to 1.6/5.6 BNC to F BNC to Cinch TNC to N TNC to UHF TNC to Mini-UHF Angle Adaptor TNC to Mini UHF TNC to FME Angle Adaptor TNC to FME TNC to SMA TNC Bulkhead to SMA TNC to MCX N to Mini UHF N to FME Angle Adaptor N to FME N to SMA UHF to N UHF to Mini UHF UHF to FME Mini UHF to FME Angle Adaptor Mini UHF to FME M to FME FME to SMA SMA to SMB 7/16 to N Bulkhead Adaptor R-SMA to U.FL SMA to R-SMA TNC auf R-TNC SMA to Push-On SMA QLS to SMA

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