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Connectors - Circular

Aerco stocks and assembles circular connectors from some of the world’s leading connector manufacturers.

Our vast range covers all the requirements for harsh environment connectors, including extremes of temperature, high shock and vibration, resistance to chemicals, salt spray and fluids, and environmental sealing to IP67 and IP68.

Our connectors meet the demands of the military, aerospace, marine, mass transportation and industrial markets. We stock military circular connectors qualified to all the major specifications, most notably: Mil-DTL-D38999, Mil-C-5015, Mil-C-26482 series 1 and 2 and Mil-C83723.

Whatever your application we have a connector to meet your needs. Whether you have a need for high power, high density signalling, high speed transmission, Ethernet connection or need to meet exacting EMC standards, we can provide a solution.

For more information or to request a quote please contact Alec Sluce or call on +44(0)1403 260206.

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Cable connector Female stra't 16way  68009-0338-02-16Cable connector Female stra't 16way 680£0.00Enquire
Connector panel mtg.Male socket 2way 70209-0403-30-02Connector panel mtg.Male socket 2way 702£0.00Enquire
Connector panel mtg.Male socket 3way 70209-0407-30-03Connector panel mtg.Male socket 3way 702£0.00Enquire
Connector panel mtg.Male socket 7way09-0423-30-07Connector panel mtg.Male socket 7way£0.00Enquire
Connector panel mtg.Female sckt. 8w 71209-0428-30-08Connector panel mtg.Female sckt. 8w 712£0.00Enquire
Cable connector Male 12 way 691 series09-0445-00-12Cable connector Male 12 way 691 series£0.00Enquire
Cable connector Female 12 way 691 series09-0446-00-12Cable connector Female 12 way 691 series£0.00Enquire
Female Socket 12 way 691 series09-0448-00-12Female Socket 12 way 691 series£0.00Enquire
Connector flange 770 NCC 8 way09-0774-000-08Connector flange 770 NCC 8 way£0.00Enquire
Connector panel mtg.Male s'ket 4way(713)09-3431-00-04Connector panel mtg.Male s'ket 4way(713)£0.00Enquire
Connector Male socket with wires 4 way09-3431-828-04Connector Male socket with wires 4 way£0.00Enquire
Connector panel mtg.Female skt.6way09-3462-00-06Connector panel mtg.Female skt.6way£0.00Enquire
Connector panel mtg. Male sckt 3w09-4807-00-03Connector panel mtg. Male sckt 3w£0.0087
Adapter panel mtg. M12male-M12female 76509-5241-00-05Adapter panel mtg. M12male-M12female 765£0.00Enquire
Connector panel mtg.Male socket 7way 71009-9477-00-07Connector panel mtg.Male socket 7way 710£0.00Enquire
Connector panel mtg.Female s'kt 7way 71009-9478-00-07Connector panel mtg.Female s'kt 7way 710£0.00Enquire
Connector panel mtg.Male socket 8w 710.09-9481-00-08Connector panel mtg.Male socket 8w 710.£0.00Enquire
Connector panel mtg.Female socket 8w 71009-9482-00-08Connector panel mtg.Female socket 8w 710£0.0020
Cable connector Male 3way 719 series09-9747-00-03Cable connector Male 3way 719 series£0.0014
Cable connector Male 3way 719 series09-9747-70-03Cable connector Male 3way 719 series£0.007
Cable connector Female 3way 719 series09-9748-00-03Cable connector Female 3way 719 series£0.00Enquire
Cable connector Female 3way 719 series09-9748-70-03Cable connector Female 3way 719 series£0.0015
Connector panel mtg.Male socket 3way 70909-9749-20-03Connector panel mtg.Male socket 3way 709£0.0028
Connector panel mtg.Male socket 3way 70909-9749-30-03Connector panel mtg.Male socket 3way 709£0.00Enquire

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