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Connectors, Binder Miniature
Miniature connectors in protection classes IP40 and IP67 are available in straight and angled versions.

Both have a compact design and are easy to assemble. Shielded and unshielded versions are available. Miniature connectors are available in all termination types and in all quality grades.

The contact terminals ensure a secure connection, even in the case of high vibration and impact loads. This category also includes IP67 snap-in circular connectors, bayonet circular connectors, IP67 push-pull circular connectors, IP40 M16 circular connectors and IP67 M16 circular connectors.

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Connector panel mtg.Female socket 4w(72309-0112-80-04Connector panel mtg.Female socket 4w(723£5.96105
Connector panel mtg.Male socket 5way 72309-0115-00-05Connector panel mtg.Male socket 5way 723£4.80Enquire
Connector panel mtg.Male socket 5way 72309-0115-80-05Connector panel mtg.Male socket 5way 723£6.0695
Connector cable mt female cts 12way 72309-0130-70-12Connector cable mt female cts 12way 723£18.27Enquire
Cable connector Male angle 5way 68209-0139-70-05Cable connector Male angle 5way 682£9.12100
Cable connector Male angle 5way 68209-0139-72-05Cable connector Male angle 5way 682£9.1210
Cable connector Female angle 12w (682)09-0148-70-12Cable connector Female angle 12w (682)£13.95Enquire
Cable connector Female str't 8w DIN(723)09-0172-79-08Cable connector Female str't 8w DIN(723)£16.52Enquire
Connector panel mtg Female skt 8wDIN 72309-0174-89-08Connector panel mtg Female skt 8wDIN 723£8.62Enquire
Cable connector Male straight 2way (680)09-0301-09-02Cable connector Male straight 2way (680)£5.46Enquire
Cable connector09-0305-00-07Cable connector£0.00Enquire
Cable connector Male 5way Stereo 680 ser09-0317-09-05Cable connector Male 5way Stereo 680 ser£7.11Enquire
Cable connector Female 7way  680 ser.09-0326-02-07Cable connector Female 7way 680 ser.£7.13Enquire
Cable connector Female stra't 16way  68009-0338-02-16Cable connector Female stra't 16way 680£14.58Enquire
Cable connector Female str't.8way (425)79-6172-20-08Cable connector Female str't.8way (425)£23.991
Cable connector Female R'angle 4way 72399-0110-106-04Cable connector Female R'angle 4way 723£15.96Enquire
Cable connector Male R'angle 5way(723)99-0113-75-05Cable connector Male R'angle 5way(723)£15.762
Cable connector Female R'angle 6wDIN 72399-0122-77-06Cable connector Female R'angle 6wDIN 723£17.885
Cable connector Male R'angle 7way(723)99-0125-106-07Cable connector Male R'angle 7way(723)£17.5020
Cable connector Female R'angle 7way(723)99-0126-75-07Cable connector Female R'angle 7way(723)£17.862
Cable connector Male R'angle 12way(723)99-0129-75-12Cable connector Male R'angle 12way(723)£19.72Enquire
Cable connector Male R'angle 4way 68299-0137-10-04Cable connector Male R'angle 4way 682£9.19Enquire
Cable connector Female R'angle 5wSTR.68299-0142-12-05Cable connector Female R'angle 5wSTR.682£9.5914
Cable connector Female R'angle 6wDIN.68299-0144-12-06Cable connector Female R'angle 6wDIN.682£9.41Enquire

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