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SBMS Threaded Connectors

SBMS military connectors reduce overall size and improve sealing characteristics of contemporary MIL-C-5015 connectors, whilst still providing intermateability and interchangeability features.

SBMS (MS-E/5MS) connectors conform to the environmental requirements of US specification MIL-C-5015 and BS9522 F0030 and are approved to the requirements of the RARDE (CH) 5MS specifications.

The range of MS threaded connectors are shock and vibration proof, and are environmental and pressure sealed. The insulators are polychloroprene. Connector accessories include straight and 90° outlets, cable clamps, grommet sealing nuts, protective caps and gaskets.

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Plug Female contact Solder (10SL-4S)FV585040Plug Female contact Solder (10SL-4S)£28.6920
Grommet Multihole. SB-14S-9-G (Grp B)FV585082Grommet Multihole. SB-14S-9-G (Grp B)£1.6678
Follower Grommet Shell size 14. SB-14S-FFV585098Follower Grommet Shell size 14. SB-14S-F£2.18100
Follower Grommet Shell size 22. SB-22-FFV585101Follower Grommet Shell size 22. SB-22-F£4.4179
Nut Grommet Shell size 14. SB-14S-NFV585106Nut Grommet Shell size 14. SB-14S-N£4.45158
Panel gasket sz 18. SB-18-RPG   (Grp B)FV585124Panel gasket sz 18. SB-18-RPG (Grp B)£0.83443
Panel gasket sz 22. SB-22-RPG    (Grp B)FV585125Panel gasket sz 22. SB-22-RPG (Grp B)£0.92545
<<Nut Grommet AssemblySB-10SL-3-A<<Nut Grommet Assembly£0.00Enquire
<<Nut Grommet AssemblySB-10SL-4-A<<Nut Grommet Assembly£0.00Enquire
<<Nut Grommet AssemblySB-14S-6-A<<Nut Grommet Assembly£0.00Enquire
<<Clamp Cable AssemblySB-14S-6-CCA<<Clamp Cable Assembly£14.53Enquire
<<Nut Grommet AssemblySB-18-1-A<<Nut Grommet Assembly£0.00Enquire
<<Clamp Cable AssemblySB-18-1-CCA<<Clamp Cable Assembly£0.00Enquire
Gasket Sealing Front panel Screening (C)SB-18-RPG-SGasket Sealing Front panel Screening (C)£6.62297
<<Clamp Cable AssemblySB-20-A48-CCA<<Clamp Cable Assembly£0.00Enquire
<<Grommet MultiHole 24-2SB-24-2-G<<Grommet MultiHole 24-2£3.63Enquire
<<Clamp Cable AssemblySB-32-6-CCA<<Clamp Cable Assembly£0.00Enquire
<<Gasket Sealing Front panel Screen (GpCSB-36-RPG-S<<Gasket Sealing Front panel Screen (GpC£13.98150
Receptacle Male contact SolderSBMS3100E-10SL-3PNReceptacle Male contact Solder£0.00Enquire
Receptacle Male contact SolderSBMS3100E-10SL-3PN-M11Receptacle Male contact Solder£0.00Enquire
Receptacle Female contact SolderSBMS3100E-10SL-3SNReceptacle Female contact Solder£0.00Enquire
Receptacle Male contact SolderSBMS3100E-10SL-4PNReceptacle Male contact Solder£0.00Enquire
Receptacle Male contact SolderSBMS3100E-12S-3PNReceptacle Male contact Solder£0.00Enquire
Receptacle Female contact SolderSBMS3100E-12S-3SNReceptacle Female contact Solder£0.00Enquire

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