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MK38 Marine Connectors

The MK38 system of connectors conform to BS9522-F0034 and can withstand the toughest conditions found in the military ground and marine equipment fields.

The range features a high density 100% scoop proof design with a coupling mechanism featuring a quick start thread with an anti-vibration device within a coarse ribbed nut. This provides positive metal to metal bottoming between connector halves resulting in a typical screening performance of 75dB at 100MHz and 65dB at 1000MHz.

MK38 connectors are available in shell sizes accommodating from 3 to 128 contacts in a comprehensive range of planforms compatible with MIL-C-38999 Series 1.

Crimp rear insertion, rear release contacts conform to MIL-C-39029.

The connector range is available with a full complement of sealed outlets and accessories.

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 Part No.ProductPriceStock  
Outlet Assembly508-1-16540-041Outlet Assembly£0.00Enquire
Outlet Accessory kit508-1-37647-000Outlet Accessory kit£0.005
Outlet Flexible conduit Straight508-1-37661-000Outlet Flexible conduit Straight£0.005
Outlet Flexible conduit Angled 90 deg508-1-37678-000Outlet Flexible conduit Angled 90 deg£0.004
Outlet Flexible conduit Angled 90 deg508-1-37681-000Outlet Flexible conduit Angled 90 deg£0.00Enquire
Outlet Flexible conduit Angled 90 deg508-1-37699-000Outlet Flexible conduit Angled 90 deg£0.002
Outlet Flexible conduit Straight508-1-37713-000Outlet Flexible conduit Straight£0.005
Nut and ferrule assembly Size 11508-1-37850-011Nut and ferrule assembly Size 11£0.003
Nut and ferrule assembly Size 15508-1-37850-015Nut and ferrule assembly Size 15£0.00Enquire
Nut and ferrule assembly Size 17508-1-37850-017Nut and ferrule assembly Size 17£0.005
Outlet front sub-assembly Standard508-1-37902-000Outlet front sub-assembly Standard£0.0011
Outlet front sub-assembly Standard508-1-37904-000Outlet front sub-assembly Standard£0.00Enquire
Outlet straight front sub-assembly sz 19508-1-37919-000Outlet straight front sub-assembly sz 19£0.00Enquire
Outlet straight reduced Front Size 23508-1-37921-000Outlet straight reduced Front Size 23£0.00Enquire
Accessory kit Cable sealing508-1-37934-010Accessory kit Cable sealing£0.005
Accessory kit Cable sealing508-1-37935-030Accessory kit Cable sealing£0.0034
Accessory kit Cable sealing508-1-37936-010Accessory kit Cable sealing£0.00Enquire
Accessory kit Cable sealing508-1-37936-030Accessory kit Cable sealing£0.001
Accessory kit Cable sealing508-1-37939-010Accessory kit Cable sealing£0.00Enquire
Outlet kit508-1-37961-000Outlet kit£0.00Enquire
Connector free plug Male contact508-1-38000-200Connector free plug Male contact£0.002
Connector free plug Male contact508-1-38001-130Connector free plug Male contact£0.00Enquire
Connector free plug Male contact508-1-38001-200Connector free plug Male contact£0.00Enquire
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