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ABCIRP MIL-C-5015 Connectors

ABCIRP connector series is derived from the American Mil-C-5015 & VG95234 specifications.

The connectors are intermateable and interchangeable with corresponding types, but feature a low fire hazard thermoplastic insulator which is removable for repositioning at an alternative orientation.

The range includes 8 shell sizes (18 to 40), 9 contact arrangements (7 to 60 ways) with contact sizes 16, 12 and 8 AWG.

Contacts are industry standard 'F80' type and are retained in the insulator by means of a unique beryllium copper spring clip.

Connector sealing features a stepped wire seal grommet which can remove the need to populate unused cavities with filler plugs.

Crimp tooling is industry standard and contacts are inserted and removed using simple hand tools.

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 Part No.ProductPriceStock  
Contact pin, size 12, gold platedABCIRP-12-KPK-P3Contact pin, size 12, gold plated£5.01297
Contact Socket, size 16, gold platedABCIRP-16-KLK-P3Contact Socket, size 16, gold plated£2.19Enquire
Contact Pin size 16 Gold platedABCIRP-16-KPK-P3Contact Pin size 16 Gold plated£1.587538
socket insertABCIRP-18-19Ssocket insert£4.70210
socket insertABCIRP-22-14Ssocket insert£7.35827
Receptacle less Male Contacts CrimpABCIRP03T-18-19P-V0NReceptacle less Male Contacts Crimp£10.63955
Receptacle less male contacts CrimpABCIRP03T-18-19P-V0N-M6Receptacle less male contacts Crimp£0.00Enquire
Jam Nut Receptacle less male cts CrimpABCIRP09T-18-19P-V0NJam Nut Receptacle less male cts Crimp£0.007
Free shell c/w coupling nut. Size 22ABCIRPSE-22FSFree shell c/w coupling nut. Size 22£19.89794
Plug less Female Contacts CrimpABCIRPSE06T-22-14S-V0NPlug less Female Contacts Crimp£27.24233
Plug less Female Contacts CrimpABCIRPSE06T-28-21S-V0NPlug less Female Contacts Crimp£35.3111
Straight Outlet Shell Size 28ABPC-0014-28-000016Straight Outlet Shell Size 28£0.00Enquire
Cap Protective PlugABPC-0063-18-0000-15Cap Protective Plug£0.0010
Cap Protective PlugABPC-0063-22-0000-15Cap Protective Plug£0.00Enquire
Cap Protective PlugABPC-0063-28-0000-15Cap Protective Plug£0.0030
Cap Protective ReceptacleABPC-0064-18-0000-15Cap Protective Receptacle£0.007
Cap Protective ReceptacleABPC-0064-22-0000-15Cap Protective Receptacle£0.00Enquire
Cap Protective ReceptacleABPC-0064-28-0000-15Cap Protective Receptacle£0.003
Cap Protective ReceptacleABPC-0065-18-0000-15Cap Protective Receptacle£0.008
Cap Protective ReceptacleABPC-0065-22-0000-15Cap Protective Receptacle£0.005
Cap Protective ReceptacleABPC-0065-28-000-15Cap Protective Receptacle£0.00Enquire
Cap Protective PlugABPC-0074-18-0000-15Cap Protective Plug£0.002
Cap Protective PlugABPC-0074-22-0000-15Cap Protective Plug£0.00Enquire
Cap Protective PlugABPC-0074-28-0000-15Cap Protective Plug£0.002

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