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Aerco stocks and supplies a wide range of connector backshells manufactured by Glenair, Polamco and many other manufacturers.

For more information or to request a quote please contact Alec Sluce or call on +44(0)1403 260206.

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EMI/RFI shielded adaptor,90 degree sz 28390AA005N2816HEMI/RFI shielded adaptor,90 degree sz 28£0.00Enquire
EMI/RFI shielded adaptor,90 degree sz 36390AA005N3620HEMI/RFI shielded adaptor,90 degree sz 36£0.00Enquire
EMI/RFI shielded adaptor 90 degree sz 24390AA005NF2428MEMI/RFI shielded adaptor 90 degree sz 24£0.002
RFI/EMI backshell, 45 degree, size 28390AB005N2816HRFI/EMI backshell, 45 degree, size 28£0.00Enquire
RFI/EMI backshell, 45 degree,390AB005N3620HRFI/EMI backshell, 45 degree,£0.00Enquire
EMI/RFI shielded cable sealing adaptor390AS001M1204A3EMI/RFI shielded cable sealing adaptor£0.00Enquire
EMI/RFI shielded adaptor,straight, sz 16390AS005N1606H3EMI/RFI shielded adaptor,straight, sz 16£0.00Enquire
EMI/RFI shielded adaptor,straight, sz 28390AS005N2816H6EMI/RFI shielded adaptor,straight, sz 28£0.00Enquire
EMI/RFI shielded adaptor,straight, sz 36390AS005N3620H6EMI/RFI shielded adaptor,straight, sz 36£0.00Enquire
EMI/RFI shielded adaptor,straight, sz 20390AS005NF2008A3EMI/RFI shielded adaptor,straight, sz 20£0.00Enquire
EMI/RFI shielded adaptor straight sz 24390AS005NF2428M3EMI/RFI shielded adaptor straight sz 24£0.00Enquire
Backshell EMI/RFI cable sealing straight390AS007M1606A3Backshell EMI/RFI cable sealing straight£0.00Enquire
Backshell EMI/RFI cable sealing straight390AS053M1612M3Backshell EMI/RFI cable sealing straight£0.00Enquire
Backshell EMI/RFI cable sealing straight390AS053M2016M3Backshell EMI/RFI cable sealing straight£0.00Enquire
Backshell EMI/RFI cable sealing straight390AS053M2808M3Backshell EMI/RFI cable sealing straight£0.00Enquire

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