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Includes Bussmann fuses, fuse holders and accessories from subminiature size for PCB mounting up to large, screw mounting terminals for heavy duty applications.

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Fuselink Ceramic 100A100L14Fuselink Ceramic 100A£0.00Enquire
Fuselink Ceramic 10A10CTFuselink Ceramic 10A£0.00Enquire
Fuselink Ceramic HRC 10A10H07Fuselink Ceramic HRC 10A£0.00Enquire
Fuselink 660Vac HRC 10A10H07-660Fuselink 660Vac HRC 10A£0.00Enquire
Fuselink Ceramic 110A110EETFuselink Ceramic 110A£0.00Enquire
Fuselink 120A120FEEFuselink 120A£0.00Enquire
Fuselink Ceramic 125A125LETFuselink Ceramic 125A£0.00Enquire
Fuselink 12A12ETFuselink 12A£0.00Enquire
Fuselink 140A140EETFuselink 140A£0.00Enquire
Fuselink Ceramic 15A15ETFuselink Ceramic 15A£0.00Enquire
Fuselink 160A160EETFuselink 160A£0.00Enquire
Fuselink Ceramic 660V 160A160FEEFuselink Ceramic 660V 160A£0.00Enquire
Fuselink Ceramic 160A160LETFuselink Ceramic 160A£0.00Enquire
Fuselink Ceramic 160A160LMTFuselink Ceramic 160A£0.00Enquire
Fuselink Ceramic 16A16CTFuselink Ceramic 16A£0.00Enquire
Fuselink 660Vac HRC 16A16H07-660Fuselink 660Vac HRC 16A£0.00Enquire
Fuselink Ceramic 16A16LCTFuselink Ceramic 16A£0.00Enquire
Fuselink Ceramic 16A16LETFuselink Ceramic 16A£0.00Enquire
Fuselink High Speed 180A180FEEFuselink High Speed 180A£0.00Enquire
Fuselink Ceramic 200A200LMTFuselink Ceramic 200A£0.00Enquire
Fuselink Ceramic 20A20CTFuselink Ceramic 20A£0.00Enquire
Fuselink 660Vac HRC 20A20H07-660Fuselink 660Vac HRC 20A£0.00Enquire
Fuselink Ceramic 20A20LCTFuselink Ceramic 20A£0.00Enquire
Fuse 600Vac 450Vdc (RMS) 225A225FMFuse 600Vac 450Vdc (RMS) 225A£0.00Enquire

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