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Our broad cable offering means you can match applications needs perfectly—from the controlled environment of a broadcast studio to a wind-swept oil platform to a Cartesian robot on the factory floor.

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Flex, Xtra-Guard 26AWG 2Pr 1000Ft GRY86502CY-SL001Flex, Xtra-Guard 26AWG 2Pr 1000Ft GRY£0.00Enquire
Flex, Xtra-Guard 26AWG 2Pr 500Ft  GRY86502CY-SL002Flex, Xtra-Guard 26AWG 2Pr 500Ft GRY£0.00Enquire
Flex, Xtra-Guard 26AWG 2Pr 100Ft  GRY86502CY-SL005Flex, Xtra-Guard 26AWG 2Pr 100Ft GRY£0.00Enquire
Cable 26AWG 2C Foil/Sp XGRDF Gry Bulk86502CY-SL199Cable 26AWG 2C Foil/Sp XGRDF Gry Bulk£0.00122
Flex, Xtra-Guard 26AWG 10Pr 100Ft  GRY86510CY-SL005Flex, Xtra-Guard 26AWG 10Pr 100Ft GRY£0.00In stock
Cable 22AWG 20C 1000Ft GRY882220-SL001Cable 22AWG 20C 1000Ft GRY£0.0012
Cable 22AWG 20C 100Ft  GRY882220-SL005Cable 22AWG 20C 100Ft GRY£0.00Enquire
Wire 14AWG 100Ft  BK891441-BK005Wire 14AWG 100Ft BK£0.00Enquire
Wire 14AWG 100Ft  RD891441-RD005Wire 14AWG 100Ft RD£0.00Enquire
False 1000Ft BK9058AC-BK001False 1000Ft BK£0.00Enquire
False 100Ft  BK9058AC-BK005False 100Ft BK£0.00Enquire
False 1000Ft BK9058C-BK001False 1000Ft BK£0.00Enquire
False 500Ft  BK9058C-BK002False 500Ft BK£0.00Enquire
False 100Ft  BK9058C-BK005False 100Ft BK£0.00In stock
False 1000Ft BK9059C-BK001False 1000Ft BK£0.00Enquire
False 500Ft  BK9059C-BK002False 500Ft BK£0.00Enquire
False 100Ft  BK9059C-BK005False 100Ft BK£0.00In stock
False 1000Ft BK9104-BK001False 1000Ft BK£0.00Enquire
Coax RG58 50 Ohm Braid BK plenum 1000ft9158-BK001Coax RG58 50 Ohm Braid BK plenum 1000ft£0.00Enquire
False 1000Ft BK9158S-BK001False 1000Ft BK£0.00Enquire
Coax RG58/U 50 Ohm Braid BK  100ft9158S-BK005Coax RG58/U 50 Ohm Braid BK 100ft£0.00Enquire
False 1000Ft BK9174-BK001False 1000Ft BK£0.001
False 500Ft  BK9174-BK002False 500Ft BK£0.00Enquire
False 100Ft  BK9174-BK005False 100Ft BK£0.00In stock

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