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Xtra-Guard® Flexible Multi-Conductor Cable

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Performance Cable with a wide variety of flexing applications

Aerco is now able to offer a wide range of Alpha Wire performance cables. Alpha Wire has recently expanded their range of Xtra-Guard high performance cables by adding new gauge sizes to their already popular Xtra-Guard Flexible cable line. Xtra-Guard Flex cables are the perfect solution for applications requiring flexibility and durability. They have outstanding oil, solvent, chemical & fuel resistance. Xtra-Guard Flex cables are ideal for industries such as robotics, C-track and conveyor systems, medical devices and much more.

This product line is rated for up to 14 million flex life cycles (85000 series), up to 6 Million flex life cycles (86000 series), & 1 Million for 65000 series are available in a variety of configurations allowing you to have exactly the right cable for your selected application. Rounded geometry helps to insure a liquid tight installation as per IP67 or Nema 6.  Alpha’s popular Supra-Shield® system combines a triple-layer aluminium/polyester/aluminium foil with a tinned copper braid shield with tight 70% coverage. Supra-Shield offers exceptional EMI performance and flexibility to protect against noise and maintain overall system integrity.


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