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AlphaWire have added a new member to the EcoGen™ family of 100% recyclable wires and cables: Metric EcoWire®. EcoGen™ products are the new generation of eco-friendly, high-performance wire and cable designed to provide better performance, in a smaller package. EcoGen™ products contain no halogens, phthalates or heavy metals. Their innovative mPPE insulation and jacket materials allow them to meet RoHS and WEE Requirements for the elimination of hazardous substances and recyclability.

Image of Alpha Wire Metric EcoWire

Metric Ecowire is manufactured precisely to sizes that are multiples of 0.25mm2 as opposed to AWG sizes.. In metric applications where size and weight matter, a 600V PVC wire may be overly large and occupy valuable space.  Alpha Wire’s 600V Metric EcoWire® solves this problem with its more compact size and weight.  Up to 45% smaller and 40% lighter, routing and installation is easier while meeting design requirements.

Aerco has invested in a full stock package of all colours and sizes. The standard reel sizes for the Metric EcoWire® range are 50m, 100m and 500m. Sample lengths for evaluation are also available.

Aerco are fully approved to UL for respooling cable & wire to whatever length required, meaning that full lot traceability is maintained.


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Aerco Limited’s Quality Management System was recently recertificated by BSI, as meeting the requirements of BS EN9120:2018 (technically equivalent to AS9120B). This is against the scope of “ The stockholding, supply and kitting of electrical, electro-mechanical and electronic components and related accessories from approved sources with and without lot traceability”.

Image of Alpha Wire Metric EcoWire

Having held approval against this internationally recognised Quality Management Standard and it preceding variants, since July 1985 the latest certificate was issued following BSI’s reassessment visit made in March 2020, which was one of the last to be conducted as a onsite assessment before Covid-19 restrictions took effect.

The new certificate’s expiry date is July 2023 and is available to download from PDFHere

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Aerco and Oxley Developments positioned to supply filtered connector solutions to electromagnetic challenges.


Electronics Systems designers need to protect their systems from dangerous EMI signals and also to guard against unwanted emissions from their systems. In applications ranging from Aerospace, Telecommunications, Military and Civil control equipment filtered connectors are used to provide that protection.

Image of Oxley Fitlered Connectors

In most design circumstances specific frequency ranges must be filtered, so customer filters are needed. However, most applications use standard connector ranges to interconnect equipment. The Oxley solutions from Aerco can be delivered through many Mil-spec connector ranges including MIL-DTL-38999 and MIL-DTL-26482 as well as ARINC and D-type connectors. Options include filtered extensions added to standard connector shells or filters integrated into custom-manufactured shells.

When compared with alternative solutions filtered connectors provide ease of assembly, reduction in space and weight and the ability to avoid having internal bulkheads in equipment

These filter connectors are designed and manufactured at Oxley Development’s self-contained facility in the UK with prototypes available on rapid schedules and production quantities being supplied through Aerco’s flexible stock-holding services.


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Taiwan-based Dinkle International Inc and Aerco, have announced a UK distribution agreement covering Dinkle’s PCB Terminal Blocks.


Sam Lei, Regional Sales Manager, Dinkle International said: “Aerco is recognised in the industry for its excellence in customer service and technical support, backed by a long history of successfully supplying electrical components to the UK market. In setting up this new partnership, we have been impressed with the positive attitude, professional approach and market knowledge of the entire Aerco team. It is clear that Aerco will soon become a key customer and an important part our European distribution family, increasing awareness of Dinkle and growing business into new market sectors.”

Picture of Sam Lei and Harry Laughton confirming distribution agreement

Sam Lei and Harry Laughton confirm distribution agreement

Comments Aerco’s General Manager Harry Laughton: “Dinkle enables us to offer an increased range of components to our customers, who will benefit from Aerco’s local support and stock holding. We are delighted we are now able to offer our customers availability on all Dinkle PCB Terminal Block product ranges. Dinkle is one of the global major terminal block manufacturers and Aerco has many years of trading history with Dinkle throughout which they have proved to be both reliable and responsive.”


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Image of Fibre Optics

Aerco is pleased to announce a strong offering in ruggedized fibre optic solutions for harsh environment markets with its world class partners: Esterline Souriau, Glenair, ITT Cannon, Smiths Interconnect and TE Connectivity.


Fibre optics is becoming the favoured solution for signal connectivity in many harsh environment applications in the military, aerospace, transport, outside broadcast and energy markets. The requirement for high bandwidth, long reach, immunity to EMI, high reliability, strong security or a combination of all, together with fibre’s considerable savings in size and weight (SWaP goals), means this technology offers many advantages over traditional copper interconnects.


For a quote or for more information contact Mark Ogden by email or call on +44(0)1403 260206.


Image of Smiths Interconnect HBB Connector

Ruggedized High Performance Circular Power Connectors for Harsh Environments.

The newly re-launched HBB series of single pole high power 300A and 500A circular connectors from Smiths Interconnect offer a compact, lightweight and ruggedized heavy duty connector designed for use in all types of harsh environment applications, including electric motor drives, military ground vehicle turret systems, rail transport and industrial applications. Now assembled by Aerco, they are available with low MOQs and short lead-times.

Available in a RoHs compliant Black Zinc Nickel finish, the HBB delivers a more efficient, higher current transmission in a more compact and lighter connector and with a superior endurance of 5000 mating cycles. Design SWaP goals of delivering high power within a small size and minimal weight interconnect solution are realised with 300A delivery implemented in a size 17 shell and 500A delivery in a size 21 shell. The robust aluminium shell is available in three different shell polarizations, fully sealed to IP67 ingress protection and featuring 360° EMI/RFI shielding via a customer serviceable conductive ‘O’ ring, which is fitted as standard to receptacles.

The HBB series is rated for surge/inrush currents of 6 kA for the 300A and 10kA for the 500A for 1 sec, making it suitable for deployment in applications like induction motors and power converters.

The tactile ‘push mate’ mating provides confirmation of a full mate preventing “attached not locked” condition. The design facilitates the easy mating and un-mating with simple push to lock and 1/8 turn to unmate while in close proximity to neighbouring devices, supporting applications where higher density packing is required in space constrained environments. Safety protection includes a safety interlock last make, first break with finger protection on pin and socket contacts.

Compliant to the MIL-DTL-5015 specification for heavy-duty circular electrical connectors for harsh environments, the connectors feature the best electrical performance and high levels of shock and vibration immunity due to the use of Smiths Interconnect’s hyperboloid contact technology. The ultra-low resistance and smooth and light wiping action of the hyperboloid contacts results in low fretting fatigue/corrosion and long contact life with minimal degradation in performance. The hyperboloid contact design ensures this high degree of immunity to shock and vibration, guaranteeing electrical continuity in all circumstances. Contact resistance figures as low as 0.03mΩ keeps resistive losses and generated heat at a minimal, facilitating maximum transmission performance

The plugs and receptacles are gender reversible, being available with either pin or socket contacts and they can be ordered with optional straight or right angle back shells. Accessories include crimp lugs, heat shrink boots and additional O-rings

Standard operational temperature range is -55°C to +150°C, voltage rating at sea level is 750vdc, and dielectric withstand voltage at sea level is 2250vdc.

For for more information or to request a quote please contact Mark Ogden by email or call on +44(0)1403 260206.

Image of AB Connectors

Aerco is exhibiting at the DSEI exhibition. A stockist and distributor of electrical components, Aerco is an Approved supplier to many of the major defence systems manufacturers around the world.

Aerco has distribution franchise agreements with major component manufacturers including AB Connectors, Alpha Wire, Barnbrook systems, Glenair, Honeywell, Oxley Developments, Paramount Panels and TE Connectivity and will be showing their products on the stand.


In addition to operating these franchises Aerco is an experienced supplier-reduction partner, being able to source and supply electrical components from around the world. Aerco holds ISO9001:2015 and AS9120B approvals and operates to AS6081 anti-counterfeit procedures. Aerco is a member of the SC21 supply chain improvement organisation, the ERAI and is Joscar registered.

Aerco has great technical expertise with a Design Support team available to assist customers in component selection. Part number translations are provided including the NATO Stock Number and PAN specs for aircraft components. Value-added services include connector assembly, kitting and custom modification of products under franchised supplier’s quality systems.

Aerco can be found in the South hall on stand S1-220, where our expert staff will be pleased to meet you and light refreshments will also be available.


For for more information please contact Rob Laughton by email or call on +44(0)1403 260206.

Image of AB Connectors

Reliable Interconnect Solution, for Rail and Vehicle Applications.

For applications demanding high power in limited space Aerco, in partnership with the manufacturer TT Electronics AB Connectors, provides the Pola Power connector.

As more and more equipment and technology is fitted to vehicles and trains the demand for a high-power single pole connector continues to grow. The Pola Power connector, which handles 600A and incorporates SAYF finger proof technology, meets this demand perfectly.

Pola Power is IP67 rated in both mated and unmated condition, available in RoHS compliant zinc nickel finish and meets IP2X finger protection in both pin and socket versions. Its rugged yet compact design enables it to meet the requirement for 500 mating cycles.

There is a range of options for straight or angled back shells and a choice of crimp or threaded contacts with lugs that accept 120mm square conductors. The combination of grounded plug with screened accessories also offers superior RFI/EMC performance.

Aerco offers all these options from stocked parts with no MOQs, ensuring that engineers and designers have the flexibility to access the full capability of the range, making Pola Power the ideal choice to solve size, weight and power (SWaP) issues in a range of applications as diverse as rail, military and electric vehicles and renewable energy.


For a quote or for more information please contact Alec Sluce by email or call on +44(0)1403 260206.

Image of Oxley LED

Compact high reliability 5mm mounting panel LED’s

Now in stock at Aerco, is the MIL50 range of LED lamps.

Offering the advantages of LED technology that include reliability, durability, efficiency, lower operating temperatures, and lower cost of ownership, the MIL50 series has a 5mm mounting size, with a 60° viewing angle, and is panel sealed to IP67.

The range is available in all colours, in both standard and high intensity, with a wide range of operating voltages and currents, as well as sunlight readable, and NVG options.

With flying lead or spill terminations and an operating temperature of -40° to 85°C, and they offer the user a degree of flexibility in potential designs


For a quote or for more information please contact Paul Bandy by email or call on +44(0)1403 260206.

Image of Glenair Photonics

Reduced Form Factor Photonic Technologies for Ethernet, Digital Video, High-Speed Data, and Signal Aggregation Applications in Harsh Environments

The need for ruggedized photonic packaging in commercial and military harsh environments, as well as the increased focus on reducing size and weight, has led Glenair to develop a series of revolutionary, reduced form factor, optoelectronic modules that provide copper to fibre media conversion for Ethernet, digital video and signal aggregation applications.

Their Ethernet media converters allow the integration of fibre optic links with existing legacy copper based network infrastructures and extend the reach of these networks over much greater distances, also providing future proofing with the increased bandwidth capacity. The modules facilitate the conversion of optical gigabit Ethernet data streams into electrical signals servicing switches, routers, and other peripherals. Features include integrated magnetics on the electrical side, a lightning strike hardened variant and optional flow control and built in test console port functionalities. The modules are available in panel mount, flange mount or inline form factors.

The Glenair ruggedized copper to fibre video media converters support many video transport protocols including DVI, HDMI, SMPTE SD/HD/3G-SDI, ARINC 818 and more. They extend electrical transmission distances via the optical domain, providing high reliability connectivity with robust EMC and security, particularly beneficial in military harsh environment deployments such as graphics card to remote display interconnect applications.

Signal aggregation media converters integrate multiple compact optoelectronic modules to digitize and/or aggregate multiple low data rate signal types in the electrical domain, such as RS422/485 and discrete transmit/receive signals and combine them for transport at a high data rate over a single optical fibre channel.

All the media converters leverage Glenair’s standard high performance connectors, such as the D38999 Series III, GHD, Mighty Mouse, GFOCA and M28876 series and support a range of fibre optic ferrules, including 1.25mm, 1.57mm, 2.0mm, and 2.5mm, in both single-mode and multimode

Standard rating for the modules is a -40°C to +85°C operating temperature range, with extended temperature ranges available on request.


For a quote or for more information please contact Mark Ogden by email or call on +44(0)1403 260206.

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